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Senarai hotel di Pulau Perhentian

Saya kongsikan senarai hotel/resort/chalet yang terdapat di Pulau Perhentian.

Semuanya saya copy paste dari blog http://perhentianisland4u.blogspot.my/ ( dengan kebenaran)

There are plenty of budget and mid-range accommodation on the Perhentian Islands. Prices range from cheap (around RM50) to pretty expensive (RM300+).

During weekends, public/school holidays and the peak season (July-August) prices will be a little bit higher and it is better for you to book in advance. During this period, resorts often are fully booked.

 Most of the popular resorts only accept a reservation after payment is done and only a few resorts offer reservations beforehand via their hotel websites. Some resorts only accept payment via credit card and the rest do not offer an online solution to make a reservations. They use the old fashioned (unsecured) way; you have to send your credit card details via email of fax to the resort. After they get all the details they will confirm the reservation. Some visitors find this a very unpleasant way to make reservations; unfortunately this is the only way available. Or the other option, you could always just drop by and see if there is anything available. This certainly is the way to go for the more adventurous kind of traveler and usually there is always something (basic) available at Perhentian Kecil.

Perhentian Kecil Island

Perhentian Kecil is more geared towards the budget traveller and the backpacker scene, with the top of the line being air conditioned chalets (RM150-300) and the bottom being a bunk in a longhouse (RM50 and up). Discounts are usually negotiable in the off season, for weekdays or for longer stays. The better places can get snapped up fast, especially on weekends and holidays, so book in advance or arrive by first boat and do quick research and decide fast.

Long Beach ( Pasir Panjang )

The most popular backpacker destination is Long Beach ( Pasir Panjang ) on the eastern coast of Kecil, where a bed in a longhouse can go for as little as RM20. More private "chalets" with fan, electricity and bathroom start at RM50. But be prepared for noise from bars. From north to south
Moonlight Chalet
Bubu Long Beach Resort ☎+603 7805 4380
Oh La La's
Panorama Chalet & Restaurant
World Cafe
Symphony Chalet ☎HP+6013 9755 935 
Mohsin Chalet ☎+609 6911 363
Rock Garden
Sunrise Guest House ☎HP +6013 9294 225

In bad weather condition, boat will not land in Long Beach jetty but will land at Coral Bay jetty. Coral Bay to Long Beach approximately only takes 15 minutes walking.

Coral Bay ( Teluk Aur )

If you prefer more quiet coast with less bar life, you can consider Coral Bay (Teluk Aur), which is smaller and quieter, while also predominantly catering for budget travellers.

Shari-la Island Resort ☎ +609 6911 500
Ombak Resort ☎ +609 6911 021
Senja Bay Resort ☎HP +6019 2800 801
Ewan's Place
Fatima chalet ☎ HP +6019 4181 924
Amelia Cafe and Chalet ☎ HP +6019 9130 742
Maya Guest House
Butterfly Chalets ☎ HP +6013 9563 082

Others Area

The other resorts on this island occupy their own private beach coves and are priced in the budget or moderate category.

D'Lagoon, D'lagoon - north of Long Beach ☎ HP +6019 9857 089
Mira Beach Chalet, southwestern end of Kecil, ☎ HP +6016 6476 406
Green Paradise Camping, Sandy Coral

Perhentian Besar Island

Perhentian Besar is the larger of the two islands and resorts here are more geared towards families and also towards scuba divers. Due to its popularity Perhentian Kecil Island can get a little bit noisy at night times, Perhentian Besar Island is an alternative. 

Teluk Pauh

Starting from the northern, the nicest bay is Teluk Pauh.

Perhentian Island Resort ☎ +603 2144 8530

Main Beach

A 5-minute walk away is Perhentian Besar's nameless main beach, facing Fisherman Village (Kampung Nelayan), Perhentian Kecil Island. Most resorts in this area have a dive centre, restaurants, snorkeling counter and water taxi counter.

Coral View Resort
The Reef
The Barat Perhentian Resort
Mama's Place

Teluk Keke and Teluk Dalam

Crossing over from main beach to the next beach is a more challenging,15-minute hike up and down through the jungle, but it will bring you to the southwest beach. Teluk Dalam has a wide curve of sand, a handful of resorts and is the quietest beach on this island.

New Cocohut Chalet
ABC Guest House
Tuna Bay Island Resort
Abdul Chalet
Flora Bay Resort
Fauna Beach Resort
Arwana Perhentian Resort☎ +609 6911 888
Samudra Resort ☎ +609 6911 677
Everfresh Chalets
Bubbles Resort

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